Name: Amos Burton
Age: 17
chumHandle: improbableEnumerator, #C0C000, typing quirk changes often but is currently having portions of hix text go missing.
Session: 2
Gender: Male
Modus: Pile Modus
Strife Specibus Allocation: LensKind
Interests: You have SEVERAL INTERESTS. You love RACQUET SPORTS, with your favourites being SQUASH and BADMINTON. You like CATS, but since you have none this is restricted to THOSE BELONGING TO OTHER PEOPLE. You have a fascination with LIGHT and OPTICS. You are an expert at STARING CONTESTS, and you have been practicing your CREEPY STARES for some time now. And you have a FLUTE. But the last time you played it was FOUR YEARS AGO. Um.

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