Age (13-18): 15

chumHandle: depressiveTreatment

Session: ..1 i guess

Gender: \/\(._.)/\/ i dunno. possibly either

Modus: Arcana Modus: Each item captcha'd moves down up one of 13 cards every new captcha or decaptcha. It changes the objects when uncaptcha'd based on the card.

Strife Specibus Allocation: maskKind

Interests: Quite a few, but most s/he LOST INTEREST IN. Currently, DEATH AND WHAT HAPPENS AFTER and DISEASES are what s/he likes. Also, BROKEN THINGS. And finally the urge to SEPARATE HIS/HERSELF FROM EMOTION, and consequently JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC. Sometimes likes TALKING TO TROLLS because IT'S LIKE A COMPLEX GAME OF WORD CHESS.

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