Age (13-18 ): 14

chumHandle (Color hexcode, and typing quirk if available): wolvenTriation has a broken keyboard, and his quirks slowly get more and more comqlex, desqite him always tyqing things correctly.

Session (1-5 for now, any age in any session): 1

Gender: Male

Modus: Workaround modus. Never lets you access the object you need, but instead gives you an item needed to work around it. If you only have one item, however, and you need it, you are allowed to retrieve it. It also has a 'Launch' slot, which the item in which the item in it is ejected when the modus is filled, and a backup slot which items can only be placed into if the launch slot. It would be better described in a diagram, but his DRAWING skill is too low to make a diagram, or a portrait.

Strife Specibus Allocation: Pencilkind

Interests: Huge pencils, Creative solutions.

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