Age (13-18 ): 18

chumHandle (Color hexcode, and typing quirk if available): #1B5DE8, enduringArtisan, Talks normally, but tends to make typos when rushed or too busy.

Session (3 currently, any age in any session): Any ( I'm not fussed, whatever ones need spaces filled )

Gender: Male

Modus: Mellee Modus ( Bunp for item )

Strife Specibus Allocation: Bladekind Preferred

Interests: You've always had an affinity for the MIDDLE AGES, you liked the idea of chivalry and days of high ADVENTURE. Not that you would get to have any adventures of your own, spending most of your days GAMING and conversing with your friends on Pesterchum, whenever you werent studying. You collect SWORDS of varying kinds, always paranoid you would have to use them on some house-interloper. People say youre too old for games, but you rarely pay mind to what other people say, to hell with them. You like to CREATE things, be they ART or more CONSTRUCTIVE means of creation, though you cant stand to go past anything more complicated than basic CONTRAPTIONS. Possibly due to your FATHERS ANNOYING AUTOMOBILE HOBBY.

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