Age: 18

chumHandle: canineTransformist, #8A3324, types with generally essay-like grammar and spelling; this doesn't rule out the possibility of occasional smiley use however. Doesn't cuss but censors the desire to do so in various ways depending on the level of excitement.

Session: 2

Gender: Female

Modus: Wallet

Strife Specibus Allocation: ClawKind

Interests: You're PRETTY SURE you can list your INTERESTS. You are a huge fan of WEREWOLF LORE, and even suspect you are a WEREWOLF YOURSELF; it would explain your MONTHLY BLACKOUT on the night of the FULL MOON. You love the ARCHAIC and the RETRO; this goes hand in hand with your love of NOSTALGIC INTERNET REVIEW SHOWS. You dabble in INTERNET PIRACY, but only with VERY OLD software or things you don't feel are worth paying for. You like to WRITE, but none of your works have ever seen the light of day (or night).Your SHORT-TERM MEMORY is very weak and you can get DISTRACTED and forget easily, so you have to repeat THINGS YOU WANT TO REMEMBER to yourself a lot, sometimes even to others, or write NOTES to yourself. You hate your GRANDMOTHER'S CATS, but still FEED THEM when you remember to because you are FAIRLY RESPONSIBLE. Write the text of your article here!

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