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Session 1:

Session 2:

Zack: Land of Sand and Gears

Session 3:

Hadrian: Land of Marble and Melody

Cleo: Land Of Color And Rhapsody

-So far, as described, it is apparently very, VERY, VERY, cold. So much, that her server, Chris, had to send her mittens. Well, the code for them. Apparently, this works. It's freezing fucking cold. And, it's likely that, THE OUTSIDE WORLD IS FUCKING FREEZING. This means, it's just like where she used to live.

The ice that covers the land is painted as if it were a summer day by the natives in a futile attempt to make there home how it used to be. So sad. The land was frozen over by Cleo's denizen. Rumor has it the consorts are

Ian: Land of Eve and Runes (LOEAR, or, alternatively, Land of Runes and Eve, LORAE)

-Imagine a world eternally bathed in twighlight and midnight. There are also giant runes and incantations enscribed into the very landscape. We haven't seen it yet, but all drawings of it are epic. There are also millions of floating islands, and other things that make it that much more epic. There are said to be many libraries inside it too. All in all, this planet, is probably the worst possible place to put a vietnam war veteran recovery center, or, a hospital for people whom suffer from frequent epiliptic seizures. Probably a better place for murder, espionage, raves, magic, libraries, and underhanded, back-stabbing, people. Ian might never want to leave.

Aryn: Land of Rock and Knowledge

-Imagine many, MANY, MANY, giant stone tablets, columns, ruins, the works, lying around, with immense deals of data. There are probably the secrets of the universe, the square root of pi, pi to the pi-th power, and other stuff, hidden in this land. Ian said to Aryn, whom Ian is the server for, that he must gain all the knowledge there. He really wants to travel there, and probably, when he figures out how awesome this land, and his land are, he'll wish he could combine them.



C.L.: Land of Lightning and Moonlight

Chris: "A proverbial Land of Alloy and Paths. The name just comes to you."

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