Age: 16

chumHandle: circularTelemetry, #006666 (“deep cyan”), capitalizes only names.

Session: 1

Gender: Female

Modus: Utility modus – A simple modus for the practical-minded, items can be stored or retrieved freely. It’s a bit lacking in space, though; there are only five cards.

Strife Specibus Allocation: Foilkind

Interests: You have a VARIETY OF INTERESTS. You study the PAST and FUTURE with equal fervor, researching ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS and watching SCIENCE FICTION TELEVISION. You keep a sharp eye on the night skies in the hope of spotting an ALIEN SPACECRAFT. When not engaged in scholarly pursuits, you keep fit by practicing COMBAT SPORTS, especially FENCING. You do not particularly care for VIDEO GAMES, but you have been known to play them occasionally on recommendation from your friends.

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