Age: 18

chumHandle: (FF9030) chimericalApprehender, types's'f ther's som'form'f const'nt rush! Session: 1

Gender: Male

Modus: Backgammon

Strife Specibus Allocation: Filekind

Interests: You are very fond of NATURE, mostly because of relatively few SHARP EDGES in your garden. You are especially fond of reading about HORRIFIC ACCIDENTS and INFECTIOUS DISEASES, not out of morbidity but as a GUIDELINE of what to AVOID and what to tell OTHER PEOPLE what to AVOID. You are ADAMANT that people should AVOID certain things. FIRE for example. Or WATER. You are also keen on SCIENCE especially the DANGEROUS VARIETY and cannot wait to ENROBE yourself in a HAZMAT SUIT and FESTOon... yourself with SAFETY GOGGLES, you think the word festoon is mostly correct but are not going to open a DICTIONARY without any SAFETY GLOVES in order to find out. That is how PAPER-CUTS happen. You also adore MASKS. You have countless MASKS which you have made for yourself, currently your favourite mask has an expression of MILD APATHY. You are also somewhat adept at LEGERDEMAIN, in another life you would have probably become a CRIMINAL EXTRAORDINAIRE but instead you just etch your MASKS and play with BUTTERFLY KNIVES...

with the blade removed of course.

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