Name: Matthew Harris
Age: 16
chumHandle (Color hexcode, and typing quirk if available):satiricalFamicidist, #660000, no real quirk other than frequent cursing and occasional exclamation mark overload. Session: 2
Gender: Male
Modus: Periodic Table
Strife Specibus Allocation: FlagKind
Interests: You have MULTIPLE INTERESTS. You have a collection of SOVIET UNION MEMORABILLIA the pride of which is your AUTHENTIC HAMMER AND SICKLE FLAG which when not being displayed is utilised as a weapon for killing absolutely nothing because nothing could possibly want to harm a SCHIZOID SEMI-HERMIT like yourself other than the various people you enjoy TROLLING on sites such as FACEBOOK and OMEGLE or through PESTERCHUM. At times you attempt to play your KEYBOARD but mostly resort to playing 3 minor chords in a row because you think it sounds MELANCHOLY.

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